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Introducing Solids

The best age at which to start the baby on solids is when he or she shows signs of interest and readiness – this is often around 6 months, but sometimes it’s a little bit earlier or a little bit later. The best thing you can do is to follow your baby’s cues instead of the calendar.

When introducing solids, it is important to understand that solids are meant to complement breastfeeding/bottle-feeding. Breastmilk or formula will still be the main source of nutrition for your baby until at least 12 months. Solids will be an additional food, but not a substitute for breastmilk or formula. During a home visit we can work together on a plan how to introduce solids and we will talk about:

  • Signs of readiness

  • Ways to introduce solids: parent-led feeding and baby-led weaning

  • What, when to offer

  • What to pay attention to

  • How to deal with a background of allergies in the family, how to recognize an allergic reaction/intolerance

  • Complications that can occur

  • The difference between choking and gag reflex

  • First aid

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