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I’m hoping I covered everything you need to know about me, my approach, and my services . Below you’ll find a collection of commonly asked questions regarding breastfeeding, babycare and much more. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Do you offer remote consultations?
    There are situations when an in-person visit is best but if you’re not sure or it is not possible for you please contact me and we can discuss. I can organize online meetings too and try to help you as much as I can.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Cash is a possibility but not a must. You will get an invoice after our session and you can transfer the amount within 7 days.
  • What do you do during a visit?
    Usually we start by talking about the delivery, your baby and your health history. I will take notes and ask questions to make sure we’re on the same page. I usually weigh your baby using a cute baby scale. I will do an oral examination on your baby and will check your breasts as well. We’ll work on whatever feeding issue you’re having; usually I ask to see what you’ve been doing first, then we work as a team on improving the situation. Then we sit and make a plan based on your baby`s needs, on your family's dynamic and your goals. Initial visits are usually 1-1.5 hours long and include follow up via phone/Whatsapp
  • How do I get ready for our visit?
    You do not need to clean the house, worry about make-up and hairstyle or about your or baby’s clothes. I am a mom too and was just like you (I still am). Only make a list of any questions you have for me. If you have a pump and think we may be using it, it would be helpful to have nearby. Make sure you have a bottle and pumped milk or formula if your baby normally eats from a bottle during a feeding- or if we are working on bottle skills. Please try not to feed your baby right before I arrive - it is best if I can watch a full feeding session.
  • Can all of the breastfeeding problems be solved during our visit?
    Well, I hope so! But realistically, breastfeeding problems are often complicated and involve lots of moving parts. We’ll work together on a plan that should help to improve your situation; it may take a lot of time and work on your part but I’m here every step of the way to guide you and cheer you on! Sometimes follow up check ups are needed but I really give my best to solve as much as possible in short time.
  • Can you help with tongue ties, lip ties, and/or oral restrictions and/or tethered oral tissue?
    Yes! I have received over many hours of training on tongue and lip ties and I am keeping me up-to-date by visiting seminars on this topics. I have extensive experience with identifying ties, optimizing latch and feeding techniques with or without frenotomy, suck training, and other full-body exercises that can affect tongue function. I do NOT perform frenotomies but I have a good network of specialists that can help us with it.
  • I am not breastfeeding and my baby has issues with the bottle. Can you help me?
    Yep, I can help with the bottle feeding as well. Check the feeding section from the services.
  • Can you help me if I only use formula/ if I am breastfeeding twins/ if I am tandem nursing/ if I am pumping?
    Yes, yes, yes. Just drop me a message. I will do the impossible to help you and If needed, I can get extra support as well.
  • I don’t live near you but need your help. Is there any solution?
    Sometimes I drive outside of Vienna or it happens that I am near your location and could come by. Feel free to contact me. I am happy to do virtual consults as well or help you find a colleague of mine next to you.
  • Will you help me stop breastfeeding?
    Totally. If it’s not working for both parent and baby, it’s not working. If you want to wean your baby (partially or fully) I will absolutely help you. I won’t argue with you or shame you. I am just for the gentle method.
  • I need help, but I can`t afford to pay for the fee. Are there any options for me?
    Firstly, I'm sorry - I'd love to be able to offer my services for free but as I'm sure you'll understand that I can't always do that. However, if you really are struggling please contact me and we may be able to agree a payment plan or a discounted rate. I also have the breastfeeding support group Wednesdays in St. Josef Hospital. I am sure we can find a solution.
  • I would like to buy some breastfeeding support for a friend as a gift. Can I do this?
    What a wonderful idea!! I'm sure your friend will appreciate this. Please contact me and we can arrange a 'Gift Voucher' for you to give to her which she will be able to use to book a consultation with me before or after delivery.
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