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Breastfeeding Preparation Course

A breastfeeding preparation course is a fantastic way to get breastfeeding off to a great start, whether it's your first or tenth baby. It's a chance to find out how breastfeeding works, how to establish breastfeeding and how to check whether breastfeeding is going well. We'll also discuss when you may need to seek support and ensure you are confident on where you can access support. If this isn't your first pregnancy, this is also a good opportunity to talk through your previous experiences with breastfeeding. You'll come away from the session with your questions answered and feeling prepared for your baby's arrival. I will come to your home (or anywhere else you would like) to provide education specialized to your individual situation. I will take a health and personal history to identify any potential barriers to breastfeeding, and address any concerns you may have. This visit also provides an opportunity to build a relationship that can help later on. During this home visit, we will discuss about:

  • the anatomy of the breast

  • the first latch

  • breastfeeding positions

  • the process of the lactation

  • antenatal colostrum expressing (if possible/necessary: e.g Diabetes)

  • what to expect during your stay in hospital, in the first few days and early weeks

  • how to tell if the breastfeeding is going well

  • what to do when things go wrong, engorgement, sore nipples, low milk supply

  • expressing milk, combi feeding and bottle feeding

  • milk storage

  • how normal newborn behavior looks like

Support people are encouraged to attend as well ~ at no additional charge.

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