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Breastfeeding Help Postpartum

Perhaps you find yourself here as breastfeeding is painful or your baby had issues with the gain weight. Perhaps you have a premature baby and need that extra bit of support to get breastfeeding established. Or perhaps you deal with a blocked duct, a mastitis or you need to know about medication during breastfeeding. You might also simply only need someone to check over what you are doing. ​A postnatal consultation is an ideal opportunity to get support with challenges related to establishing feeding or with more 'complicated' challenges such as nipple wounds, slow weight gain, under&over supply, exclusive pumping, nipple shields, ongoing pain, breast refusal or breastfeeding a baby who was born prematurely or with additional needs. Whatever your circumstances, I am trained to listen to you, share evidence-based information and to create a plan to overcome the challenges you are facing. Each consultation is customized based on your individual needs. In the comfort of your home, I will:

  • perform a complete health assessment of both mom and baby.

  • get a real view of you breastfeeding, so ideally I'm present during a feeding

  • check the weight

  • clarify all your breastfeeding concerns and questions

  • check the milk transfer

  • show you a variety of positions to find the most comfortable ones for you and your baby

  • fully assess your baby’s tongue mobility identifying any restrictions that may be challenging for breastfeeding.

  • will support you with increasing and maintaining your milk production

  • provide all supplies necessary

This is just a small list of common things I see families about, it is in no way a complete list - get in touch if you have any questions related to:

  • breastfeeding babies that are unsettled, colicky or might have reflux

  • exclusively pumping

  • feeding twins or triplets

  • re-lactation

  • inducing lactation

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