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Bottle Feeding

For anyone who isn’t aware, lactation consultants are not anti-bottle feeding and we are trained for this kind of feeding as well. We are always pro-babies, and pro-mothers/parents. There are many very good reasons why you may be combination feeding, fully bottle feeding, or even considering bottle feeding. I don’t judge you for any of them. I can help you with that as well.

If bottle-feeding is part of your goals for feeding your baby, we will work together on a plan on how to do it correctly, in a healthy way. During a home visit we will discuss about how to hold the baby during the feeding, how to read an infant’s body language or observe for feeding cues during a bottle feed. We will discuss also about:

  • bottle selection

  • nipple/teat slope and shape

  • flow rate

  • how much volumes of breastmilk or formula you should feed your baby in each bottle

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